The Lisa & Lisa team urge you to help us get the word out for this awesome opportunity to help a child or young adult right here in our beautiful community!!!


Sacred Heart will continue their yearly tradition of providing backpacks filled with school supplies to local students. This year they will distribute the backpacks and supplies to 3,300 students!

Starting the school year with tools for success makes a huge difference in students’ confidence and attitude toward learning. Backpacks and supplies impact not only the student but the whole family. With a bulk of parents paycheck going to housing costs, little is left for essential items like school supplies. Our generous community steps in to bridge this gap.

A new aspect of Pack A Back this year is Teacher Kits. It’s no secret that teachers—who are often also struggling to afford rent—buy classroom supplies out of their own pocket. We appreciate the dedication of our wonderful local teachers, and aim to send a Teacher’s Kit with each student to present to their teacher on the first day of school.

YOU can invest in our future leaders! For information about donating items, starting a donation drive, volunteering, or making a financial donation, visit: