These tips will make the back to school transition easier for you and your child.

Create a Message Center

Life can be chaotic during the school year with all those online class meetings, sports practices and rehearsals. Create a message center so everyone in the family can keep track of schedules and appointments. You can build a home message center or purchase one that is ready to go.

Magnetic Calendar

You’ll be a pro at back-to-school organization with this magnetic calendar. Place it where you can easily add appointments, practices schedules and concert dates to stay on track. Keep it near your message center to make all notes and plans easy to find.

Create a Homework Station

Prepare for distance learning and homework by creating a comfortable environment where your student can focus on the tasks at hand. Create a space they can do their work with little to no distractions. You can build this sleek pipe desk in just a couple of hours.

Wipe Out Germs

Back to school time often means germ season. Make sure to stock up on cleaning supplies (or make your own) to keep surfaces clean and stop the spread of germs.

Make Mornings Easier with this Alarm Clock

No one will be late for class with this smart alarm clock. Sunrise simulation wakes you up gradually. It also works as a bedside light.

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