10 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy This Fall

“Fall has always been my favorite season.  The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” – Lauren Destefano We are so ready for fall! And while it may not feel like fall outside, we can make...

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Are Fixer-Uppers Worth the Effort?

Reality home improvement Television shows are on a “Fixer Upper” craze and this has left some wondering if they should take the task upon themselves to fix-up their own home. Below we explore a recent study on fixer-uppers, their savings, and other considerations. 57%...

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12 Minimalist Home Decor Tips

A Minimalist Manifesto For Home Decor What makes minimalism so popular and charming is its utterly elegant simplicity. By focusing on a simple, understated design, minimalism creates a home environment that exudes openness, serenity and tranquility while also having...

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Why Is Indoor Air Quality So Important?

The modern world is a very polluted place. We have to worry about all the waste not being disposed of properly, the scarcity of reliable recycling centers, and of course, the one pollution that we’ll never be able to avoid: air pollution. In fact, there is a common...

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Home

With Smart Home technology taking off and smart home assistants (like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri) becoming more prevalent in homes the start of a new home technology revolution is underway. Homeowners can monitor and control the house heating and cooling...

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Do I Need an Inspection on a New Home?

“Yes”, is the simple answer, we recommend a home inspection on any new home. “Why?” Well, homes are built as quickly as possible with up to 12 subcontractors working on them, sometimes hundreds at a time, and the builder cannot possibly watch...

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