The best small front yard landscaping ideas will help set off your house and provide curb appeal, while also making the most of the space you have. Even some simple garden design strategies such as using symmetry and adding seating can have a big impact. Use these landscaping ideas for small front yards to get started on creating a beautiful and welcoming space.

Use Symmetry 

Often associated with classical and formal design, symmetry gives gardens a sense of peace and equilibrium. On each side of a center line running from the front door to the sidewalk, use identical plants, pots, and other elements. Keep everything in a simple color palette: greens, whites, and reds for example. For a more modern approach to using symmetry, use plants and pots with similar colors and shapes and/or garden art on both sides of your porch and walk.

Include Seating 

We have gardens to enjoy spending time in them, and your small front yard can be just as pleasant as your backyard. Adding an outdoor seating area gives you a comfortable place to watch birds, butterflies, and your neighbors pass by. Even a small yard has room for at least a couple of chairs. Place chairs singly or in groups in shady areas. Allow family and friends to move the pieces to be in the sun or to create a new seating group. Visitors will always be drawn to a bench when visiting a garden.

Shop garden centers for these pieces, but also check out garage and yard sales for used, unique benches and chairs. Choose an eclectic mix that will start a conversation among your visitors. Add bright colors with chair and bench cushions.

Create Privacy 

To create a little privacy in your small front yard, plant upright evergreen shrubs or use fencing. Tall, upright perennials and grasses also work well, but the view will change once these plants are cut down in late winter before regrowing in the spring.

If you just want to partially enclose a space with fencing, use just two or three panels. You increase the sense of intrigue when the screening leaves glimpses of the enclosed area. For continuity in your landscape, use similar or the same kind of fence panels to screen a service area (where trash cans are stored, and tools are stored) and for fences and gates.

Grow Vegetables and Herbs in Containers 

Times have changed and vegetables do not have to be planted in rows in your backyard. Go ahead and mix flowers and vegetables in containers and garden beds for some beautiful edible landscaping in your small front yard. Focus on showy vegetables that don’t take up much space, such as Swiss chard and okra, complementing their colors and shapes with flowers. But even a dramatic artichoke could work as a focal point in the right spot.

When planting vegetables and flowers in containers, choose large glazed or plastic pots that stay moist longer than porous terracotta pots to reduce watering frequency.

Make a Front Yard Patio 

Add a small patio or deck to your front yard, as part of the entry or as a separate seating area a few steps away. Place a table and chairs on the patio, where you can greet your guests with a tray of lemonade. Place a small grill nearby for outdoor cooking.

Including a patio or deck creates a welcoming approach to your home that slows down your guests’ steps as they stop and take a seat at the table. It provides the opportunity to relax and enjoy your beautiful front yard garden.

Match Garden Style to Your House 

If you have an informal-looking home, a front yard cottage garden stuffed with plants of various sizes and colors will complement it well, as opposed to a very formal, symmetrical garden. Similarly, for a very modern style home, a cottage garden may look out of place. Whichever garden look is most suited to your house’s style, keep the full, mature size of any plants you choose in mind so that they don’t overwhelm the space.

Add a Water Feature 

Water features range from tiny to medium for a small space. Self-contained fountains, small bubblers in molded ponds, and small waterfalls with reservoirs add beauty to your garden and are generally easy to install. Water features add soothing sounds that will mask street noise. They’ll also attract butterflies and birds.

Provide Walkways 

Front yard walkways show visitors that your garden is a welcoming space, where exploration is encouraged. Stepping stone and grass walkways are easiest to DIY wherever you want to provide access through the garden, through gates, to the front door, and to the backyard. These paths show visitors where to walk and also add interest to the landscape.

Tips for Maintaining Your Small Front Yard Landscaping 

  • Remember that perennials and shrubs will require some care and choose ones that match the level of maintenance you are willing to do.
  • Make watering simpler by keeping hoses and sprinklers nearby that are easy to use and connect when needed.
  • Mulch bare soil, or plant perennial groundcovers to keep weeds down.
  • Edge beds to help keep grass out and to make mowing quicker. 

Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

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