Real Estate Guidelines/ Covid-19 Resource Update

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We hope you and your family are adjusting  well to our current  reality and staying positive through this pandemic.  I’m sure you have questions about the real estate market and how it is affected by COVID-19.

Lisa & Lisa Real Estate Consultant Group’s goal has always been to put our clients first with professional courtesy and expertise. Given current circumstances, our commitment has never been stronger. 

We’d like to share the following article outlining important questions you need to ask yourself if you’ve been debating backing out of a home purchase or putting your home on the market. 



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Here are some guidelines to help provide critical information meant to keep us all safe as well as provide some level of  expectation as to how you may be able to navigate the already complex process of buying or selling real estate under the pressure of a worldwide pandemic.

As of March 31, 2020, real estate services in SantaClara   County have been considered as an “essential business”  under the most recent Health Order.  Although this means that we can still assist in the purchase and sale of real estate, this does not mean that things are back to business as usual.  It’s clear that we all have a social responsibility to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and as local residents and business owners ourselves we are very serious about keeping our communities safe.

IDX ImageSo, effective immediately we have implemented all the Recommended guidelines provided by our local, state and federal government, as well as by the CDC.  But first, before we get into the logistics of how real estate may be conducted under the current shelter in place mandate, the most important message we can promote is the importance of discussing your situation and goals with your real estate professional in order to determine whether you can or should postpone your move. Although real estate services are now considered as an “essential” service under the new health order and “shelter in place” mandate, all unnecessary real estate activities are still strictly discouraged. This means you won’t be seeing any public open houses, and availability to schedule private tours will also be extremely limited, but can be done safely.  Affiliated service providers will also be limited in their capacity to support your transaction.   For your convenience, we’re available to walk you through these  considerations virtually through video-conferencing in order to have an open and candid conversation about your options, as well as provide details on how we are committed to keeping you safe if you are unable to avoid postponing your real estate transaction.

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Are people still buying and selling homes?

Quick answer is “yes,” but with new protocols and limitations meant to keep everyone safe as well as slow the possible spread of COVID-19. Again, please contact us so that we can walk you through all the latest developments as well as thoroughly discuss the potential impact on your upcoming or impending transaction.


How has the process of buying and selling a home changed since the pandemic started?

Even though many businesses are now closed or operating on a very limited basis including real estate affiliated services , new safety protocols place additional limitations on our ability to serve our clients so now virtual showings and video conferencing will make up the majority, if not the entirety, of the transaction in order to limit potential face-to-face meetings or in-person property tours.


How are we handling our appointments?

All appointments are conducted by video conferencing technology, whether you are more comfortable with FaceTime or Zoom, we’re available to meet you face-to- digital-face online. We’re taking any and all appointments, no matter what your scenario, or your questions… we’re here for you and available to provide some clarity in very uncertain times.


How can we tour properties while sheltering in place?

At this time we are able to schedule a private tour with 2 people from the same household.  It’s still preferred at this time to adapt to technology and watch virtual tours which we can conduct live as well!

There is a mandatory form that must be signed prior to viewing a property.


If I have to list my home, how will you handle showings?

If you’re occupying your home, we will schedule an appointment in advance and bring only 2 people from the same household to view the property with the guidelines shown above. If your home is vacant then in-person property showings are allowable but only for pre-approved buyers that follow the strict social distancing protocols required under the current SIP mandate. In summary, only 2 guests from the same household plus an agent will be allowed in your property at any given time.


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We also follow CDC guidelines for slowing the spread and will be providing hand sanitizer, and shoe covers. You must provide your own masks and gloves.


If I have my home on the market for sale, should I withdraw it?

If a home seller is serious about selling, then our advice to you is to stay the course. Although buyer interest will differ depending on your price range and location, overall we’re still experiencing a market in which our available inventory remains extremely limited which favors home sellers. Plus, modern technology allows for extremely thorough virtual tours so even though in-person showings will be drastically reduced, or discouraged altogether, with mortgage rates at all-time lows there will most assuredly be plenty of buyers who will be taking advantage to leverage their buying power and making offers solely based on virtual presentations.




  • Only 2-people from the same household may tour any property at the same time with the company of your real estate agent

  • Showings will be limited in time to maximum 30-minutes

  • Shoe covers will be provided, we ask that everyone bring their own masks and gloves

  • You’ll be asked to keep your hands to yourself, refrain from operating any light switches, and to not open doors, cabinets or drawers

Please note, we will not be providing you with face masks or gloves. While our goal is to limit any undue exposure within our community, we must also do our part to ensure that as much protective equipment as possible is available to our health professionals.