Ever wondered where, exactly, those letters you sent to Santa might have ended up? Well, Zillow has the answer in the form of a fabulously festive holiday listing. A cozy, 2,086-square-foot log cabin is up for viewing just in time for the two-week Christmas countdown—and the owner is none other than Santa Claus. If you and your family want to know what the Claus residence looks like all decked out for the holiday season (or were impatiently awaiting an updated listing), there’s no better place to look than Zillow.

Nestled between Holly Jolly Highway and Jingle Bell Boulevard, the 5-acre property (which is sadly off-market at the moment) can be toured virtually on Zillow’s website. The North Pole residence has been available to view on Zillow every year since 2016, but it’s since seen several upgrades—and it’s now at its most expensive. It’s perfectly prepared for Christmas, boasting a candy cane dispenser, an elf-accessible chimney, a reindeer feeding station, and more.

“Inside these log cabin walls, you’ll discover a cozy storybook abode brimming with warmth and charm,” the listing reads.

The house is full of all the holiday staples, sporting a classic red, green, and white Christmas color scheme. Decorated with gingham, greenery, and festive lights, it’s clear this home is lived-in and loved by Santa Claus and company. And down to a heaping stack of presents and elvish art on the walls, each detail has been perfectly placed by the jolly man in red himself.

Log kitchen with holiday decor

rise in home remodeling has seen many current homeowners opt to update their spaces rather than sell this year, so it’s no surprise that the Clauses have gone a similar route. The listing’s lofted guest bedroom has been converted into a brand-new gift-wrapping room, and the upstairs office has seen some practical updates since last year. Plus, some of the remodels are clearly in line with this year’s trends in foodand home decor, as a hot cocoa bar has been added to the two-bedroom house’s kitchen. Naturally, the property also features a one-sleigh garage and comfortable reindeer stables.

“The open-concept living room boasts a grand hearth, adorned with stockings hung by the chimney with care,” reads the listing. “The kitchen is a delight, perfect for whipping up batches of gingerbread cookies and pots of steaming-hot cocoa for visiting elves. Upstairs, you’ll find Santa’s mailroom and office, a secluded space for letter reading, route planning and researching who’s naughty and nice.”

Clearly, even the market in the North Pole is competitive; Santa’s House is currently worth $1.18 million, a small increase from last holiday season. It’s tough to predict what the North Pole’s economy might look like next year, but we’re going to guess the Claus residence is only rising in value from here on out.

“Rest assured, Santa is not selling his beloved home,” Amanda Pendleton, Zillow’s home trends expert, said in a press release. The Clauses aren’t moving after all—Pendleton says the festive family only updated the listing in order to spread holiday cheer.

Log living room with holiday furniture

The listing itself explores how AI technology can give potential buyers better insight when browsing homes online—a trend in real estate this year. As you click through the virtual tour, images scroll to give a more detailed image of each room, and AI also provides a corresponding clickable floor plan so you know exactly where every picture is located in the home.

The 3D tour’s format helps curious visitors get a better idea of the ins and outs of the Claus dwelling. This new AI tech that Zillow has rolled out is called Listing Showcase, and it’s currently available for real estate agents to use—so it might just help you out the next time you’re looking to move up.

This famous North Pole estate is getting quite expansive already, and we’re sure to see even more updates ahead of the 2024 holiday season. With three million visitors and counting, it’s no surprise that the Clauses continue to make their home available to the eye of the public each year. 

If you’re intrigued about how Zillow uses AI technology to improve their online listings or just want to get your kids interested in the real estate market early, you can check out Santa Claus’s official residence (and all its special features) online as you await the big holiday.

Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens