When I met Lisa Paz-Furtado in a networking group, I had no idea that she was the rockstar real estate agent that she is! I knew that if we were going to buy a home, she was going to be the one to lead us to it.

Months ago, my fiancé and I were on the market for our first home, and seeked Lisa’s guidance and expertise. Right away, she was on a team WITH us. We never felt intimidated or pushed by her- we felt empowered and protected. Buying a home can be scary!

Thanks to Lisa and her team, we happily sit in the house of our dreams!

Melissa S.

Stephen Kageyama represented us while we were in the process of buying a home.  Absolutely pleased with the services he  provided us. My wife and I were in the market to buy a home.  As first-time homeowners, he consulted with us every step of the way. He was exceptional at providing us insight, knowledge, and background. He gave us the necessary tools and information in order to make the right decision.

There were questions my wife and I had regarding our home. Stephen put in the research to make sure we made the right choice. He was very honest and wasn’t afraid to lay out the pros and cons.

Stephen, we are happy we chose you as our partner. Thank you for representing us.  We wouldn’t have found our home without your help.

Christopher P.

I was very excited to be referred to Lisa Paz-Furtado to help find a new home.

She was patient and listened and found out what I wanted and liked.  She went above and beyond needing to be gentle and caring with me as I had lost my husband six months prior and needed to leave that home my husband of 23 years and I had created together. I needed to move to a smaller place and one-story (due to a back injury)

We kept in close contact, and using available technology, I was able to find a lovely new home.  Lisa was there every step of the way to talk me though everything.  I got referrals from her for a contractor and electrician and professional organizer to help me move and get my new place ready and fix up my old place for sale.

I would highly recommend Lisa and Lisa for any realty needs.

Michael J.

It has been a joy for my wife and I to work with Lisa Paz-Furtado and her amazing team. She is the best at what she does and has the credibility with an extensive background in the field and a strong reputation in the realty business of helping hundreds of clients buy and sell their homes. She helped us buy our first home 2.5 years ago and just a few days ago helped us to sell it. The experience of both buying and selling was both a wonderful and smooth transaction and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Lisa and her team. Thank you again Lisa for all that you do. If any one reads this and is considering doing business with Lisa you will absolutely be in good hands, no doubt!

Larry L.

Lisa is so patient and she took a lot of time to show me houses and different options. I never felt pressured to make a decision. A great experience to work with her.

Inga K.

Lisa is an excellent relator would be an understatement. She went above and beyond to help us find our perfect home. Buying  a home can be a nerve racking experience but made it a very smooth process by answering any/every questions we had even the silly ones. She is patient, caring and an experienced realtor.  She is well prepared and responds to queries very quickly. Reads through documents carefully and corrected our mistakes on several occasions.

Thank you Lisa so very much, its been a pleasure. My wife and I appreciate the extra effort you put in to ensure we got our dream home.

Ankit K.

We met Lisa through Redfin, and had an awesome experience purchasing our home with her. She had almost all the answers (even the dumb ones that we first time homebuyers asked), and in the rare case that she didn’t, she usually found the right answers and got back to us very quickly! Even after backing out of making an offer on a couple of homes, she stood by us until we finally made our first offer – and got accepted! A significant amount of credit goes to her as the sellers liked our clean, solid offer even though there was another one that was “very similar” to ours in terms of the price.

All in all, strongly recommended 🙂

Vivek R.

Lisa is a fantastic realtor!
Being first time homebuyers we had lot of queries and apprehensions upon approaching the whole process. Thanks to Lisa who kept us informed and educated on the whole process starting from day one and continued to do so at multiple stages of the process. Starting from helping us to pick the right home for us , getting our offer accepted , getting the property inspected and following up with our Lender on the loan approval process she was very proactive and helpful. In addition we found her to very honest and real which helped both me and my wife to close the deal with lot of confidence. We would very strongly recommend her to anyone!

Gopinath K.

Lisa helped our family buy our first home. There are a lot of other real estate consultants out there, but if you are looking for an experienced professional who knows what she is doing and makes time for her customers, that is Lisa Grisalin.

Lisa makes sure you are well informed about the process of buying a home, and takes time to explain everything to you. This can be quite a bit to take in if you haven’t purchased a home before, and having someone of Lisa’s caliber helping us made everything make sense.

In addition to being the consummate professional, she is extremely friendly and has mastery over the tactics of making an offer. In our case, we bid and won against 11 other offers, one of which was all cash. This is where having a professional on your team makes the difference. This was the first and only home we put an offer down on in our year-long search, and we managed to get it due in large part to Lisa’s skill.

Lisa was recommended to us by Dave Setti of TurnKey Mortgage Solutions (who also gets highest marks). Dave and Lisa have worked together for a long time and that certainly helped make sure things moved along in our aggressive 18 day close.

I would highly recommend Lisa Grisalin to anyone interested in buying or selling a home in Santa Clara county.

Brian R.

Lisa was absolutely fantastic during our home buying experience. We were first time home buyers and new to the bay area. She was always understanding and calm. Most importantly she was committed to doing things like inspections done correctly and investing her time and her contacts. I cannot recommend her enough. If you need a worry free experience I would go to Lisa.

achal k.

Stephen, Stephen, Stephen not much left to say, he is one of the most committed person I had come across. As first time home buyers, we were very green to the entire home search process. Stephen lead us through every step with confidence, providing us with the tools and knowledge we needed to make the right choice for our family. We learned more from Stephen and Lisa about real estate than we could have ever imagined, and when it was time to make an offer, we felt ready and prepared. We also felt supported. He stays up to date on the recent trends in the bay area market. He is very technology and analytics focused, local, responsible and hardworking agent you can find. The entire team at lisa2homes(Keller Williams, Silicon Valley) is extremely responsive, which is something we valued tremendously given the level importance and sensitivity of buying a home. Stephen and lisa2homes is an experienced group and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!! Thanks, Stephen.

Harikumar Bhavan

I met Lisa few years back when I first started exploring houses. She helped me get started. She also helped introducing me to a lender who could offer loan for less than 20% downpayment. But later I decided to postpone the purchase. Later, when I contacted her again after more than a year, Lisa was still welcoming me, and got me started again with the search. As a first time home buyer, I had lot of questions, and she responded to them patiently throughout the process. She responded to most of my email within a day or so.

Lisa also helped me with the inspections by taking care of scheduling, and being there when the inspectors came in. When I was worried about the repair costs, she helped me get contacted with the inspector, and followed up with them. She also coordinated very well with the lending broker to have all the paper work done.

Lisa also helped me get some credit from the seller to cover some repair costs.

Overall, Lisa made the home buying experience a smooth one.

Abhijith DA

Working with Lisa is a joy. She is very patient and understanding and supportive. She learned what I was interested in finding for a new home and that’s what we ended up with! I look forward to now selling my old home with her.

Michael Johnson

Lisa was amazing to work with. As first time home buyers, she walked me and my wife through the whole process helping us every step of the way! We definitely would recommend her to anyone looking for a good, honest and friendly realtor!

Raj Jain

Lisa is amazing! You can’t go wrong with her as a realtor.

We’ve initially met Lisa almost a year before starting the buying process, and her insight and referrals helped us get on the fast track to get ready.

As for buying our first home, it was only possible because Lisa was on top of the case when we were a backup offer. I specifically remember getting a text from her after 9pm about preparing an offer for next morning. In this fast-paced market, i felt confident with Lisa on our side.

We’ve “discovered” Lisa on the Internet last year, and after amazingly executed closing on our first home: yes, Lisa is indeed 5 stars, and we’re her customers for life.

Peter Pšeničnik

She made the process painless. She held our hand the whole way and kept us informed about what was happening. I would recommend her time and time again.

Katilyn Wenz

Lisa was absolutely fantastic during our home buying experience. We were first time home buyers and new to the bay area. She was always understanding and calm. Most importantly she was committed to doing things like inspections done correctly and investing her time and her contacts. I cannot recommend her enough. If you need a worry free experience I would go to Lisa

Achal Khetarpal

I’ve worked with Lisa for several years and she is a great real estate agent. Always dedicated to do the best for her clients, always.

Michael Aning